About us

The Wind  quintet  was founded in 2020 by the solists of the  Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra Diana Gontarenko ( flute) and Vitali Karaboukhin ( french horn).
The wonderful musicians of the orchestra Viktar Puzynia( clarinet), Andrei Khalomkin ( bassoon )/Andrei Huseeu (bassoon), Aliaksandr Papsuyeu  (oboe) were also invited to the quintet.

During this short and challenging   time the  wind quintet constantly plays recitals in various halls of the country, in the Minsk planetarium, churches.  Organizes various unique projects in open areas, in nature, popularizes the music of Belarusian composers, music of the 21st century “new music” and plays jazz, with a rather non-trivial composition for this style, together with Mikhail Pendo (drums)

The wind quintet is the winner (1prize) of the second competition of wind ensembles in Russia.